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All About HIPAA

HIPAA is considered to be a legislation landmark. There are very many benefits that are associated with this act. There were very many changes that occurred to the patients and the health industry after the act was formulated. This also led to many changes. In 1996 is when the Act was introduced. One specific issue led to the formulation of the act. It was to help the people that have insurance covers and they are struggling to find a job. The other reason why the act was formed is to prevent the fraud cases that occurs in the health facilities. The act was meant to protect and secure health data of people and prevent it from falling to the wrong hand.

Many benefits resulted with the HIPAA introduction. It led to the introduction of digital electronics that helped the health organization to move from paper records. The electronics were introduced to help in the storing of the health data. The improvement of efficiency, protection of the health data and to make sure that is shared safely are the other benefits. The act has also made it simple for the health industry as the function can be able to run smoothly. There are ver many health organization that are very attentive when safeguarding their sensitive health information. This is to ensure that the information is not stolen.

HIPAA led to the formulated the rules. These rules help to control people who can be able to access to the information in the health organization. People who can be able to access the health information and share it are stated in the rules. It also ensure that the information that is being shared is made by them. The storing and sharing of the information is done by them. It is also able to control the people who can be able to view the information of the patients.

The act is also very essential for the individuals who want to access their information. This ensures that they can be able to take care of their health. When recording the information of the patients, healthcare organizations can end up making mistakes. Health organizations can be made to realize their mistakes by the patients who access their information. Health organizations can be able to correct the mistakes they have done with the help of the people who access their information. The patients can get the copies of their health information if they want to access help from other providers of health care. When the information of the patients is being passed from one health provider to another is to ensure that tests do not need to be repeated.

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